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Visually communicate your brand

digital signage

A digital signage enables you to transmit your message to your customers quickly and easily. You can engage your customers with the great-looking photos of your dishes together with their description. Enticing videos will involve your customer while dining at your restaurant.

Digital signage for restaurant is a customizable digital menu board with dynamic content and centralized management. These board TV’s are designed to influence shopper decisions; this video walls will create your customers a unique experience. Possibility of playing music, a play-lists of music that suits your brand, will create your desired atmosphere.

Centralized management

What we mean by centralized management is that you can easily update and distribute prices or nutrition information. And also enable local control of real-time updates.

Brand consistency

You can communicate with customers effectively while reinforcing brand experience. The nice design with the clear prices and all the information affects your customers’ ideas about your restaurant’s brand. They will trust and be loyal to you, customers trust the brands they can recognize.

So, unique design and color are the key to brand consistency.

Quick ROI (Return On Investment)

It promotes sale items to increase impulse purchase at the point-of-sale. You can up-sell and lower costs with dynamic updates by season, weather or time of day.

Operational efficiency

It reduces printing and distribution costs using digital marketing. Also optimizes promotions based on more-defined inventory rules.

Ambience and entertainment

It Reduces perceived wait time by providing customers with entertaining music and the food pictures and information. It provides a multi-sensory experience from a single, fully or synchronized platform.

With the use of a digital signage you can show different contents on each screen or one image spanning on multiple screens for creating an eye-catching and enjoyable customer experience. The results are amazing!

As conclusion,

Digital signage is, powerful, dynamic and affordable and it makes a huge difference in comparison with the restaurants that do not use them. It’s an easy-to-use technology that enables the restaurant owner to present their brand  to the customer and make the most benefit out of it. Register today! You can easily have this technology.

Wish You All the Best!

Mealsy Team