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The City Pizza Success Story!

The City Pizza Success Story

How The City Pizza succeeded in delivering smooth services, attracting more customers, and increasing revenue!

Behdad is the owner of The City Pizza, a pizzeria with six branches located at Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, and Guelph. Managing six branches of a restaurant, all the staff, and costs can be complicated. To meet the challenges his restaurant was facing, he began looking for solutions.

Behdad began his detailed search when he realized that although he provided pizzas with the best quality, something was lacking. He began a journey to break free of its traditional system. He had several priorities in looking for solutions for his restaurant management. He wanted robust solutions that were user-friendly, easy to manage, and affordable and a team who would walk him and his staff through the process of switching from a traditional order taking and management system to a more modern and smooth way of doing it. He discovered Mealsy could provide the solutions he was looking for with affordable prices.

From A Winning Online Ordering System to Self-Ordering Kiosk

As the first step, The Mealsy team developed a website, and an online menu was created with a link which could be accessed through the website. Today, The City Pizza’s customers go online, view each dish with photos, place an order and their order is printed out in the kitchen.

Mealsy POS has helped them monitor and analyze sales across several locations more accurately, the employees are easily trained, and the customer-restaurant relationship is facilitated with a business solution automation partner known as POS

The self-ordering kiosk has improved customer experience where the customers discover the menu in a different and fun way which has helped The City Pizza to increase bill size and their bottom line.
Today, The City Pizza embraces technology to differentiate itself from a competitive market. Behdad trusted Mealsy and made use of technology to live up to its values, and successfully his business began to grow dramatically and the revenue has increased!

The City Pizza could do it, so can you. Contact us today for solutions

The Mealsy Team