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How can you double your restaurant’s sale ?

You can double your restaurant’s sales with the use of social media. Stick with us to learn how to promote your restaurant.

Online reputation

Your online reputation is probably the most important thing; you can gain it with the help of social media. We will help you shine on the media. We will share with you the techniques we use to bring people in the door of your restaurant and also we provide 24 hours’ support.

know your customers

The first step when you want to post something is getting to know your customers, who are the people visiting your page? who are you advertising for? What are their likes and dislikes? what are they interested in? Knowing all of these can work a great deal. you need to get to know your business.

Schedule your posts

After you got familiar with your customers now it’s time for sharing into the media, the most important step. This is the part that if you don’t do it in the right way, you will have ruined all the other efforts. What does planning mean here? It means, timing of your posts, what are the best times for you to post on the social media? It is related to your customer. For example, if you’re pointing to students you must know when they usually check their pages and when they use social media the most.

Design and Content writing

While bringing into concern your users, you have to design your page, use high quality photos, and write touchy content. Your visitors should feel the warmth of your page. The overall view of your page has to be attractive and engaging.

Theme of the page

Pick a theme for your page, use a certain color which is both eye-catching and entertaining. Make sure the pictures you use are at the same size and quality and share them in a logical order. Develop a coherent page.

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How to bring people in the door of your restaurant with the marketing tips

The very first thing you should do is to get a professional food and architecture photo shoot done. Hire a professional photographer and don’t use your server who has a cool camera, don’t use your iPhone, don’t use any of these stuff. Hire a professional, the differences are night and day. It will cost you money but you can use them for years. You can use these photos on your menu, social media and your website. Take some pictures of great-looking food that you serve, a picture of your presentable place and make sure it’s clean and beautifully decorated.


Create an advertisement, give an offer. You can do any kind of offer; it might be free food or it might be a gift card. You can ask people to share your page and win a gift card or a free food or a coffee in return. It might be entertaining to people and they will want to follow your page for more deals.

How to boost your page reach?

With the techniques we offer you, the number of your followers will increase vastly and in a short period of time your page will be followed by more people.

The last step: Review

Review your posts, Check the posts that had more likes, the times your posts get more likes these are the keys to your later posts.

Finally, Be Patient

This is not a one-night task, it takes time. You should not expect the day after you have started posting on your page customers flock to your restaurant. So, calm down, it will be a time-consuming activity but the result will surprise you hugely.