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Content marketing is one of the most effective, cost-efficient and all-around best marketing strategy to drive sales. But the key with the content marketing is understanding that your result is directly tied to the quality of your content.

Follow this 5 tips to write great content

Tip 1: Keep it clear and focused

The most important thing you can do for your content is to keep it to the point. A good content writer is the one who is able to keep it clear and concise. Just remember to keep your paragraph short for easy scanning.

Tip 2: Speak naturally

Reach out your customer with a natural and friendly voice, do not use technical jargon.

Tip 3: Edit

Even Ernest Hemingway was well-known for the dis-liking his initial draft. double check your spelling, grammar and voice and read the text out-loud for yourself and check out if it’s too wordy.

Tip 4: Add images

A text-based piece of content might not be much interesting, But the pictures must be related to the content. Find images that have emotional appeal and your people will relate to your content more.

Tip 5: Provide answer

People are consuming your content for a reason, remember with your headline you have promised to answer their questions. So, you have to make sure your content provides the answer they were looking for.

What can a content writer do for you?

A content writer is a person who loves to read and write and is good at both. Content writers typically create content for the web. However, you create content for more tasks than writing only for the blog. Beside writing blog posts, you can have your content writer write your website content, research outline, Facebook and Instagram posts.


The object of research is to create blog posts, videos, and even some information products. The objective here is to simply gather raw material you’ll need to build on text. Aside from writing content, the writers might also be responsible for making sure website pages and content connect correctly. They can be responsible for setting the overall tone of the website content. Writers accomplish these tasks by researching and deciding what information to include or exclude from your website.

Content writers can also read through similar articles and give recommendation to similar topics they can even upload articles to blog. However, all writers will not be able to do this from the beginning but it’s an easy skill you can train your content writers to do, especially if your website runs an easy to use platform like WordPress. So, again, content writers are able to do an assortment of tasks. With the help of content writers, you can produce value for your website.

After you got familiar with what a content writer does, we will discuss the effect of content on your restaurant.

Restaurant content writing

You might be wondering how do some people get their content looking so damn good on social media. Now, I’m going to discuss it here with you guys. Start getting more engagement on your social pages and more customers on your restaurant.


Write sentences on your social media and get customers excited to come to your restaurant.

Make your content more discoverable

Write sentences that readers love them and Google search engine understand them, if the search engines understand your writings so it will be more traffic to your page.

So how to get high ranking with your contents?

Key words:

Key words are the key. Key words are the combination of words and phrases. The words people type in the search engine when they look for content. The easiest way to know about keywords in content writing is to think about what you search when you look for something on Google. Now you can think of what people might be typing when they look for something. Try to find out what content is more relevant to what users need. Using targeted keywords is the key to make your content discoverable and drive traffic to your web.

Now, where you should put those keywords:

Title tag:

This can be the title of your page or blog posts. Headers on your pages.

First paragraph of the content:

This is really important because having the focus keywords in the first paragraph ensures that the topic is made clear immediately.

If you’re posting a picture, describe your file with those keywords.

We provide content for your restaurant website, social media, and signage. We are expert in creating engaging content for your restaurant.

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