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Mealsy stood out in 2019 RC show!

RCSHOW 2019 Exhibition

We are proud to be an iconic competitor in RC show event, which was the most well-known event of the year 2019. Mealsy joined the show to be a key participant in providing restaurant software services. Alongside other participants, we show off few of our services so that anyone would prefer to choose us among others. With pioneering ideas being presented in RC show, Mealsy team decided to take part in this splendid event held in Canada, Toronto.



At this point, you may wonder what can be RC show, as it has been bolded in the paragraph above. To bring more meaning to this event, let’s get down to the topic: “What is RC show”. RC show is an outstanding, influential hospitality event of the year which has brought together every single startup and company to contribute in the event to introducing brand new products. There are also conferences and meetings which could make you able to act way much better and be more productive in the field of hospitality and sustainability. Having said that, let’s see how Mealsy can be strong in terms of services and offerings.     

To highlight some of our prominent services, we should start with POS software systems which makes it convenient for customers to order their favorite foods. It would be an easy task for customers and order takers to save time and make orders as early as possible.

As for the importance of RC show event, we should bring our best products to make sure we stand out. For this to happen, we introduced our second most eminent service which is called Self-Ordering iPad. It could be presented as the most easy-to-use method for ordering food, as customers can make their choices on their seats in restaurant.

In case you need to provide your customers with online ordering, Mealsy offers this service. It can be presented as the most easy-to-use system that nowadays is becoming more popular. If you are eager to bring about online ordering feature to your customers, you can trust Mealsy, as it has a long history in creating various ordering systems.           

The most eye-catching feature of these systems is the fact that They are Cloud-based, means that whether customer order food on POS or self-ordering platform(or any other platforms), their request is saved within the system and It will be available on all platforms so that order taker can collect customer’s order on any of Mealsy software systems.

To get into this topic deeper, let’s count down some of the benefits of self-ordering systems offered by Measly (Which was also presented in RC show event):

1- Time consuming orders

Paper checks is becoming pretty old these days, and that’s why most of restaurants CEOs are willing to purchase Self-Ordering systems. It will allow your customers to order at their leisure where ever they are. No need to say, your employee would also be able to save time and receive orders as fast as possible.

2- High level of accuracy

There has been numerous situations when errors occurred while customers ordering face to face with employee. Misunderstanding by the employee when receiving orders, is something which happens regularly. So for avoiding these mistakes, Self-Ordering systems can come handy and make the orders as accurate as possible.

3- Hiring less workers and save money

Just imagine how much money you can save on hiring workers when it comes to employees’ salary. You may want to employ 3 workers only for cash box stuff and you may also want to hire only one labor to doing so. By providing Self-Ordering systems for your workers, you can save a significant amount of money on hiring people for your business.                

RC show is among the top events. That’s why we were eager to offer and introduce our ordering platforms to make life easier. As this event is mostly related to sustainability and hospitality, Mealsy seized the opportunity to bring forward the latest cutting-edge POS systems along with other numerous services which have been presented in the event.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business man or a CEO of a company, you can choose between our countless services to refresh your business. For collecting more info, click on this link. To book a demo version of our ordering systems, check this link, so that you will get more insight into what Mealsy offers.