MizPiz increases your sales and reduces your costs inside and outside your restaurant.
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How MizPiz helps inside your restaurant
Menus with pictures, ingredients, and alergy alerts.
Increase sales and customer loyalty.
Decrease waiting time.
Reduce unnecessary labour.
Cut commuting time between kitchen and tables.
Less argument: Customers have order history.
Direct orders to proper departments.
Print orders in chef's languages.
Reduce handwriting and misunderstanding errors.
How MizPiz helps outside your restaurant
We will bring you more orders using our cutting-edge technologies.
Your online ordering will be managed by our proffesional team.
We will present your menu better than all of our competitors.
We do professional photography free of charge.
All your menu items will have beautiful photos.
Your menu will be availble in different languages.
Everyone will have a good and native experience with your menu,
Your menu will be connected to social media.
Your menu items can be liked, shared, and suggested.
We love to make a good food availale for everyone.
You can be in contact with your customers.
Reward them when they like or share your food.
Increase your customer satisfaction by using our coupon engine.